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By Akimomo | 23 April 2024 | 0 Comments

【NSFW】Nocturne Rietta uncensored image

Nocturne Bakunyuu Party NTR Series Rietta 1/6 Figure is now available for pre-order

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Name Rietta
JAN Code 4580770170166
Release Date Dec 2024
Announce Date Apr 22, 2024
Manufacturer nocturne
Sculptor Ahiru Taicho(Direction: YOSHI)
Paintwork Graham Kamen
Series Bakunyuu Party NTR
Specifications PVC and ABS ; fully painted and assembled
1/6 scale
Total height:25cm
Rating Check R-18

Hiromitsu Takeda's original doujin game, 'Bakunyuu Party NTR', now features the figure 'Rietta' on sale!

From the popular manga artist and illustrator Hiromitsu Takeda's self-developed doujin original game 'Giant Breasts Party NTR', 'Rietta' has been crafted into a 1/6 scale 3D model! She embarks on a journey to the royal capital with her lover Kurt, only to fall under the hypnotic spell of a pizza master who targets Kurt’s sensual body. This figure, supervised by Hiromitsu Takeda himself, captivates with its voluptuous and enticing form, reminiscent of the game's recreation event.

Furthermore, with interchangeable faces and a balance ball, she can be displayed in completely different scenarios! Enjoy as per your setting and preferences.

This is a made-to-order item, exclusively available during the pre-order period, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

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