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About Product Status (Pre-order)(Released)(In Stock)(Delayed)

 Yet to be released product that can be ordered in advance. 
Please be aware that any orders after the Pre-order deadline might not be supplied to the customer on 
or before the date of release.

The product has been released, but it has not arrived at our Australian ware house, usually the waiting time will not exceed 7-10 working days.

*As Australia Customs banned import of some 18+(You know) figures from Japan, some products our Japanese supplier may need to shipped to our ware house in China first.

(Pre-order closed): 
Pre-order has officially closed and unable to accept any more orders.

(In stock): 
Product released and available to purchase immediately.

Product released but currently out of stock. Able to obtain more products upon request.

Release time delayed by the brand.

(Sold out): 
Item no longer available to order.
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